I have known George Rubino since 1967 when we were students together at the New England Conservatory of Music. His desire to achieve and grow artistically is the same now as it was thirty-six years ago in Boston. He was and is always looking for the best product possible. I own a German bow made by him that plays beautifully and does everything. In addition, the quality of wood used is absolutely first rate as is the workmanship. George, I salute you for your work and integrity.
Very best always,
Jack Budrow
Professor of Bass
Michigan State University
Interlochen Arts Camp

I have been using and recommending George's bows since 1985. Not only have his bows consistently been of excellent quality, but I believe that he is continuing to improve and grow as a maker. The bows are beautifully made and play wonderfully. Just as importantly, George's customer service and support is superb. He is absolutely customer focused and has always been more interested in finding the right bow for the player than just making a sale.
Steve Reeves
Principal Bass, Melbourne Symphony
Melbourne, Australia

I have been using George's bows exclusively for almost fifteen years.  I am constantly amazed by the variety of colors, attacks and expression which are made possible (and easy) by his bows. As both a composer and a player, I draw inspiration from the palette of sounds that they make available to me and feel I am just beginning to scratch the surface of the bows' capabilities.  I look forward to exploring them for a long time to come.
Peter Askim
Composer, Bassist (Honolulu Symphony)

I've been using one of George's bows since 1992. I find it my bow of choice in a wide variety of playing situations from house band gigs and symphony orchestra work in Reno/Tahoe to freelance work in Austin, Texas to my current job with the Lawrence Welk Show in Branson, MO. George's bow has been like AAA on my musical road trip. No matter what my destination I got there more easily because of it. Thanks George!
Dan Hall

"After finding George on the Internet, and a few brief conversations via phone and e-mail, I flew him out to Maui to teach me bow rehair. In just a few days, he gave me the knowledge and confidence to rehair my own bows and those of other professional violinists on Maui. Living here, we are thousands of miles from any bow maker of repute, and to have received this skill from such a wonderful and caring teacher is a gift beyond price. He shares his vast store of wisdom and expertise with compassion and good humor, and the infinite patience required by anyone who tackles the art of bow making, repair and rehair.
Thank you, George. I'm forever in your debt."
Don V. Lax

George Rubino has been in the forefront of the American bow scene for many years. His interest in the French tradition and quest for knowledge has helped him with his production of bass bows. These bows are aesthetically fine and help the musician produce everything the music asks. Today he produces several models which gives the bass player choices in style, weight and length. George is definitely a bow maker one should get in touch with to try out his bows!
Chris Brown
Principal Bass, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Bow Broker

About George Rubino


  • Bow Making with William Salchow
  • Violin Repair with Joseph Cilecek
  • New England Conservatory of Music
  • Double Bass with Boston Symphony members Leslie "Tiny" Martin and William Rhein


  • Southern California Violin Makers Workshop
    • Alternate years 2013 to present
  • University of New Hampshire Violin Institute
    • 1983-1987 assistant to William Salchow
    • 1988-present Bow Making Instructor
  • Lectures at Various Colleges, Conventions, Workshops in Australia, Europe, and the United States
  • Dartmouth College: Double Bass Instructor 1978-2001
  • Bates College: Double Bass Instructor  1980-present


  • Portland Maine Symphony 1963-present
  • Various Chamber Music Festivals


    George Rubino
    317 Hallowell Road
    Pownal, Maine 04069 USA

    Telephone: 207-688-4885
    Email: info@rubinobows.com

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